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Inspiring a Community Into Action: Monday Morning Coffee with St. Joseph Kiwanis

Inside every city, there are passionate, hard-working volunteers who strive to provide services and support for their community. In St. Joseph, the local Kiwanis club members can be seen judging local science fairs, raising money to purchase coats for children … Continue reading

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What’s In

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Beef Up Your Brand With Strong Social Media Marketing

It is possible that if you don’t own a business, you may be unaware that Facebook and other social media sites are useful for things other than sharing pictures of your kids playing on vacation. But for those of us … Continue reading

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Do You Want More From Your Social Media Content?

It’s extremely important to provide more than just great social media content by creating an active presence on the different platforms. Often times, it can be difficult to find the time that is necessary to keep up the activity. Here … Continue reading

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How Prepared is Your Content Marketing Agency?

The marketing world is always changing incrementally, but there have been two major phases that we can see. The first had the goal of appearing in search listings with a measurement using a limited number of keywords. The second had … Continue reading

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Give Your Social Media Marketing a Push

The first step to getting the momentum you need for your social media marketing to work is obviously a plan. Gather your market information (enter your brand and marketing strategies), create and compile powerful content, and determine roles. These are … Continue reading

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How to Use Consumer Expectations for Your Benefit

Small businesses tend to do the personal, face-to-face, and consumer focused experience the best. A survey done by Web.com Group, Inc. found  out that small business owners are missing out on a few things though when it comes to meeting … Continue reading

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Habits of Successful Marketing Strategies

One of the best things you can do for your business is to gain inspiration from successful branding strategies. In a review of the biggest brands’ marketing strategies during the Olympics, Rohit Bhargava, founder of The Influential Marketing Group, cultivated … Continue reading

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Why #Hashtag? Why #Now?

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Monday Morning Coffee at the Eastside Rotary Spaghetti Dinner

Spaghetti, anyone? How about 500 platefuls – all covered with that special sauce that no one (and we mean no one) will share the recipe for? It’s only Monday, but it’s not too early to think about Friday night … … Continue reading

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