What is Content Marketing, Anyway … And How Can It Help Me Make Money?

Content marketing. Content-driven marketing. SEO. They’re all terms that relate to the same critical, but fundamentally basic, concept:  Businesses that use the power of the Internet to hone in on the specific information their audience is looking for, get more leads and make more money.

Defining Content Marketing
Content marketing is the act of identifying the keywords and phrases that will get you the most recognition and action online, and then using those words in high-quality, useful news posts, blogs, articles, social media messages and web copy. Though the tools used to carry out content marketing may be somewhat new, the philosophies behind it aren’t. You could consider content marketing as taking the fundamental philosophies of good marketing one step further to turn interested users/readers of your material into buyers.

The key, as addressed in a recent post on CMO, is quality. You will be more influential with key audiences when your content (blogs posts, e-newsletters, articles, videos, social media updates, web site material) is original and serves to educate and inspire. Let all your content for 2012 work to answer users’ questions, and their loyalty and their business will follow.

Like fundamental marketing methods, content marketing must be addressed within a strategic schedule. You need a plan. This schedule should include knowing which keywords are most effective for your desired audience, and how and when you’ll post or write about those keywords. You should still see the basics of traditional marketing strengths within a content marketing strategy, such as press releases, but these, too, should be plugged in to blogs, social media posts and e-newsletter and web site material. Luckily, there are numerous content recycling techniques and strategies out there to make this process straightforward – and fun.

Characteristics of Good Content Marketing 
The information should be credible and serve to educate your reader. It should also inspire readers toward some next step, and this will naturally allow your content to create strong dialogue and relationships. Readers should be able to give your material a quick read and feel that their questions are answered. Ultimately, your quality content marketing materials will allow you to be “found” by potential customers without an overwhelming effort to push the message outward.

Set up your marketing strategies in 2012 around quality content-marketing, and let the nature of the process delight you with results. If you’re ready to get started, contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting to help you get started.

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