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Social Media Statistics and How They Influence Marketing

We are all aware of the growth in social media and there are several different reasons to pay attention to this growth. Today, we want to provide a few statistics from 2013 about social media. Facebook isn’t shy about promoting … Continue reading

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Focus on Content Marketing to Build Your Blog Audience and Drive Sales

Are you committed to a business blog but not certain what value it’s bringing to your brand? Take a more serious look at what you’re writing to ensure that you’re getting everything you can out of the process. You can … Continue reading

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Grab Your Brand 2

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Monday Morning Coffee with “Cards For Caleb”: Printery House Hosts “Card Party”

In many ways, social media combines the best of classic ideas with new tools. This week we look at an example from The Printery House, an apostolic work of the monks of Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery set in the … Continue reading

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Keeping up With the Changes at Google is Imperative in Maintaining Relevance and Ranking With SEO

Staying on top of Google’s rules and frequently changing algorithms is key to companies that use SEO writing to boost their page views. Falling behind could lead to wasting valuable resources. For example, did you know that Google now has … Continue reading

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Effective Tips For a Great Elevator Pitch

A succinct and persuasive sales pitch: words that every marketer should remember. It’s what many in the industry call an “elevator pitch.” The elevator pitch is meant to last the duration of a short elevator ride. It needs to be … Continue reading

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Customer Service and Social Media

Does being on and engaged in a social media platform mean a company has great customer service? The answer is a bit complicated, but easier to understand when we pull it apart. Social media can provide a number of solutions … Continue reading

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Revive Your Blog

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Monday Morning Coffee With Harris Kemper

It takes a neighborhood to preserve and protect a neighborhood. It also takes a lot of neighbors willing to come together, dress up and share stories. Today we recognize the second successful fall walking tour event hosted by the Harris-Kemper … Continue reading

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Reaching Out to Potential Blog Subscribers

You have a sharply designed blog page and well-written, worthwhile blog content. Now all you need are blog subscribers. After asking everyone on your Christmas card list to subscribe to your blog, you hit a wall. That is because even … Continue reading

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