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Monday Morning Coffee with Susan

A Storm is Coming – Why Not Write a Blog? During the holiday weeks, it’s easy to sit back, enjoy all the wonderful food, procrastinate on determining New Year’s resolutions (especially those that address all the good food you’ve been … Continue reading

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Content Consumption: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, but in Moderation

As we prepare for the New Year’s dinner, we are all too familiar with that feeling of gluttony – eating too many sweets, rolls, treats, and snacks that didn’t add anything to our lives except inches on our waistlines. Why … Continue reading

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Put the Fruitcake Down: Creating a New Website Shouldn’t Overwhelm

New year, new website, fresh new message to your audience. If the thought makes you want to get up and go find some stale fruitcake as an avoidance strategy, stay seated. A recent post from the Nonprofit Marketing Guide describes … Continue reading

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Video SEO Strategy and Creative Conflicts for Your Business

Video is a useful tool for marketing campaigns. But when your video SEO strategy and creative influences conflict, who wins? Nobody. This is why it’s important to integrate the most valuable aspects of both creative and technical components of SEO. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas: From the SJC Team

As the craziness continues this time of year, today is the perfect day to slow down and remember the miracle that led to the celebration of Christmas day. It is this sacrifice for which we are never worthy and eternally … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee with Chase Candy Co.

Yes, the Mini-Moment: Iconic 135-Year Old Candy Company Surprised by Facebook Success Engaging customers today is all about the mini-moment. A special combination of cherries, chocolate and crushed peanuts – steeped in nostalgia – doesn’t hurt either. The Chase Candy … Continue reading

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Firms Over Freelancers: An Effective Business Solution

More often than not, two hands are better than none. Such is the case of choosing between a web design firm or a freelance web designer. Both are viable options in today’s marketplace but which one is the most reliable … Continue reading

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