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Monday Morning Coffee With Horizon Cycling

With the brief moments of spring, it is almost time to start sipping on iced coffee. It is also the start of exercise and time spent outside. Travis Habrock and Justin Maxwell are two individuals who believe the best way … Continue reading

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Plan on Mobile Marketing For Future Success

Remember the days when planning a trip required several phone calls for hotel rooms, dinner reservations, tickets to concerts and so on?  Now, you do all of it and then some right from your phone. With studies showing that desktops … Continue reading

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Give Your Social Media Marketing a Push

The first step to getting the momentum you need for your social media marketing to work is obviously a plan. Gather your market information (enter your brand and marketing strategies), create and compile powerful content, and determine roles. These are … Continue reading

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Creating Content That Follows the Rules Will Win the Race

If you don’t take the time to develop creative and original content for your website, there is a zoo full of animals ready to attack your SEO results. Don’t fret, you will not be literally chased down by wild animals. … Continue reading

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How to Use Consumer Expectations for Your Benefit

Small businesses tend to do the personal, face-to-face, and consumer focused experience the best. A survey done by Group, Inc. found  out that small business owners are missing out on a few things though when it comes to meeting … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee With Maurices

Can you imagine having a brand so well-known that you don’t have to advertise? It seems impossible. And maybe it is, considering that the companies in the big leagues that don’t need to pay for traditional advertising are tough to … Continue reading

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Social Media Platforms for Non-Profits: Which is Right for You?

Deciding which of the social media platforms your organization should jump on is a difficult decision. It can make it even harder when you’re a nonprofit organization. There are several marketing challenges that are unique to nonprofits. From figuring out … Continue reading

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