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Twitter Tests Location Sharing Options

Are you ever tweeting and wish you knew who else was an avid Twitter user? It appears that with the still-being-tested “Nearby” function you might be able to make this wish come true. Twitter knows that mobile users are the … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee With Jen Herron

Jen Herron is the newest member of the Susan J Campbell team. She has come aboard to assist in as many aspects of the company that she can. A wannabe multi-tasker, Jen brings her dream of being a writer, copywriter … Continue reading

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How Netflix Rescued its Brand

The year 2011 started off on the wrong foot for Netflix. Their stock lost half its value in just three months and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was even named the worst CEO of the year by the New York Times. … Continue reading

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Content Creation: Is it All in the Name?

Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook, reading tweets on Twitter, perusing the latest update on your favorite blog, or enjoying a delightful book on a Saturday morning, you are consuming content. We here at SJC are all about content creation. However, … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Marketing Lessons From Duck Dynasty

We are all very much aware of the Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson deal. However, have you thought about what kind of marketing lessons we can glean from this story? The cliché saying, “there’s always two sides to the story” … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee: Merry Christmas From Our Team to You

It’s that time of year again. You know, the only time it’s really fun to get mail because everyone is sending Christmas letters and you get to catch up on what family and friends have been doing all year. Who … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing: 2014 Predictions For the New Year

Marketing professionals are always looking for ways to reach out to new consumers and social media is an extremely popular choice in achieving this. What can we expect in social media marketing in the new year? More brands will put … Continue reading

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Prevent Content Fade Out

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Content Creation That Stands Out in the Crowd

When you log on to your social media feeds, do you sometimes feel like you are seeing the same things over and over again? Do you notice how the same ads on the side of a website don’t register in … Continue reading

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