Mobile Marketing Boosts Your Brand

Video 1What do you need to know about mobile marketing that you haven’t already heard? It seems that everyone wants to proclaim that with every New Year, “this” is the year for mobile marketing.

According to Gartner, a billion smartphones will ship this year. It’s obvious that the mobile age is upon us, but how many people are using their mobile devices to interact with marketing messages? According to J.D. Power and Associates, around 60 percent of mobile users are as comfortable with mobile marketing (ads) as they are with the ones on television.

Compuware says that 85 percent of mobile users would rather use apps than mobile web browsers. Is your company taking advantage of this and developing a user-friendly app that can further your marketing goals?

The mobile user is definitely interacting with their devices enough to warrant an effort to reach out to them. According to an analytics firm called Flurry, which tracks a billion mobile devices and 300,000 apps, people spend nearly two hours a day on their smartphones, most of that time is on an app.

Users aren’t spending the bulk of their time shopping or learning about different projects – about 32 percent of the time (according to Flurry) users are engaged in gaming. Nearly 20 percent of the two-hour day is being spent on Facebook. However, according to eMarketer, around 15 percent of ecommerce will be from mobile commerce.

Mobile marketing goes beyond creating a Facebook page or Twitter account for your company. While these are valuable channels, you need to know how to use them, add quality content and connect with users with a planned strategy.

Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can put mobile marketing strategies to work for you. Contact today and find out how our solutions make a difference to our clients and how they’ll drive more success to your brand.

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