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Are You Making the Most of Your Social Media Interaction?

Social media interaction accounts for a majority of brand recommendations. Think about it. If you have a positive conversation about a product or service with a company wouldn’t you be more willing to try it. The findings of a recent … Continue reading

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Blog Writing Tips For Your Business

When it comes to blogging you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s best to just focus on what your company does best and the benefits your blogs can give your customers. Here are a few blog writing tips to … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee with Zest Yoga and Wellness

Think peace, awareness and flexibility this week with Zest Yoga and Wellness, a new business inside the historic Green Acres Building, St. Joseph, Mo. You might also think physical stamina, strength, calorie-burning and toning – but these are the additional … Continue reading

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Does Your Customer Engagement Start With Your Employees?

In a digital world, customer engagement is less likely to occur in person for the business-to-business market place. Those customers are turning to digital sources like social communities, mobile apps, the web, and their peers. Nearly 70 percent of buying … Continue reading

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Four Pitfalls of Online Marketing

As a small business in today’s cyber world, to ignore available Internet tools and resources would be to limit your company’s full growth potential. Whether you’re advertising online, leveraging social networks to build relationships with your target audience, or gauging … Continue reading

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Eight Rules to Conquering Twitter

When developing your social media marketing strategy, Twitter can be an invaluable tool. It can effectively enable you to share information about your company and yourself off the clock. There is no need for third-party content or time-management concerns you … Continue reading

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Branding Strategies Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Every small business starts on a similar playing field. It’s the branding efforts you put forth that bring about the fan base of large corporations. Here are a few examples of how some businesses have established their brands using special … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee with Susan

It is a little late in the morning, but I just finished my second cup of coffee. You see, my son finally convinced me to go to CrossFit with him today. For those of you who are not familiar with … Continue reading

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Did You Post Your Website and Forget About it?

You’ve seen how brick and mortar stores are always renovating, right? It’s not that they have money to burn, it’s because they understand the importance of keeping things fresh. Once a new website is up and running, many of us … Continue reading

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Popularity or Search Engine Optimization, Which One is Getting You on Top?

Search engine optimization is a lot like high school. It takes time to become the popular kid, and some work to maintain that reputation. Your company may be facing similar strides online. Being the new business on the block has … Continue reading

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