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Monday Morning Coffee with Farmer’s House Market

It’s orchard and pumpkin patch season across northwest Missouri, but one stands out for having a truly unique mission: The Farmer’s House Market in Weston, Mo. Recently I had the opportunity to visit this new addition to the agri-tourism entities … Continue reading

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Blog Writing is All About Content. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

Good blog writing depends on content, plain and simple. But what defines “good content” is semantics really. What may be good content for you may not work for someone else and there starts the debate. Yet I think we call … Continue reading

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Support Youth Alliance

Come out and support Youth Alliance with another fun trivia night!

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Do You Get Excited About Social Media?

Social media. Some hear this and get a little happy and excited about the overall prospect of things to come. Others hear this and the cringe that accompanies the grumblings begin. Despite the occasional negative response to social media, the … Continue reading

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Are You Creating Content That’s Going No Where?

Did you ever stop and wonder why the wheel was created? Probably not. It seems like almost overnight we’ve understood the importance of tweeting and posting to social media. Most of us have even become experts at creating content that … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee with Our Military

Teamwork is an important part of any successful work environment. It’s doing your best with what you’ve been tasked, but it’s also appreciating and supporting the contributions of others. SJC’s Alisha Corbet understands the power of teamwork. Her husband Aaron … Continue reading

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Do You Make Your Blog Posts Resonate With Readers?

It can be difficult to make your blog one that not only attracts readers but keeps them coming back. One the biggest trick is staying abreast on hot topics and social media is one of the best way to do … Continue reading

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Twinkies and Social Branding

Really, we shouldn’t be a bit surprised by the fact that Twinkies can provide us with a lesson in branding. Saying that America has been in love with Twinkies since the 1930’s, when Twinkies were introduced to the world, might … Continue reading

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Top Tips to Grow Your Social Media Strategy

The best social media strategy is one that brings a good deal and trustworthy endorsements together. Customers look to their friends for feedback on where to find the best deals, especially around the holidays. Coupon campaigns that earn that extra … Continue reading

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Top Questions to Help Develop Your Next Content Marketing Strategy

Every once in a while you will need to breathe new life into your content marketing strategy. Content is one of the most important aspects of any successful business plan. Recently Social Media Today talked about top aspects of refreshing … Continue reading

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