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Do You Need To Reevaluate Your SEO Strategy?

From time to time your SEO will need to take a new direction. Every business goes through changes and making decisions that mean switching your focus isn’t easy. But if you know your SEO isn’t working then you need to … Continue reading

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Does Your Brand Strategy Have a Good Story?

When creating your brand strategy it is important to move away from those hard sales messages or marketing blurbs. Instead, you need to be focusing on telling your story. Small business and nonprofit websites and blogs should lean toward more … Continue reading

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What Social Media Platform Is Best for You?

It can be easy to just assume that you need to be on all the major social media platforms. However, it is best to go where your target audience is hanging out. As one would assume, you wouldn’t want to … Continue reading

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Are You Creating Content That Will Get You Lead Conversion?

At the end of the day you need to do what it takes to draw customers and get them to buy from you. To do this you have to establish good relationships and sometimes the best way is creating content … Continue reading

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Your Marketing Plan Should Include an Email Strategy

A good email strategy can make or break any marketing campaign. However, even the best marketers face challenges in optimizing their company’s brand using email. There are email strategies and trends to look at that can help launch your marketing … Continue reading

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Customer Engagement Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn engagement can be tricky. A recent study done by LinkedIn discovered half of those who follow and engage with organizations on LinkedIn are more likely to purchase the product or service offered. This goes to show you that an … Continue reading

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Three Tricks For Using Pinterest to Boost Your SEO Ranking

Who would have thought that those hashtags on Pinterest would pay off? Well they do. You’ve probably found that there is a lot of competition out there when trying to rank organically in certain popular markets. Not only are you … Continue reading

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Three Tips To Creative Blog Writing When You’re Out of Ideas

So you’ve been writing your blogs regularly and they are gaining in popularity. Unfortunately, all bloggers come to a crossroads when their ideas for new posts seem to run dry.  Don’t worry. Everyone runs out of things to blog about … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee with Schweizer Orchards

It’s the first day of school for most kids, and the official beginning of fall. Some of us can’t wait for those brisk mornings, the color of the leaves changing, and getting to curl up on the weekends with a … Continue reading

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