Why Social Media Matters

There are a number of executives who have expressed disbelief that social media does anything to drive business. And, while a number of companies may be able to say that B2B buying never occurred as a result of social media, they are really only looking at the direct impact on sales. My question is – how much of your marketing has a direct impact on your sales?

Social media is a strong marketing tool that companies and organizations can leverage to further extend their presence in the market. It is a proven tool that helps to drive organic search rankings so that customers seeking information will land on their site, and potentially purchase products or services.

For those still in doubt, this Farm Online report is a worthwhile read. It seems that wool is gaining more attention in Australian as a result of social media. The social media campaign: We Love Wool, has gained more than 14,000 followers since its launch June 1 on Facebook and Twitter.

This campaign has effectively launched and grown an online community of individuals willing to share their love of wool. The campaign encourages participation through competitions and relevant information.

If one campaign can drive so much attention for an industry like Wool, what can it do for your company or organization? If you are passionate about what you do and you communicate that through your own social media campaign, you’ll gain the followers you need who can advocate on your behalf, whether they know it or not.

Want to know more about social media and what it can do to grow your share of the market? Contact us today!

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