The Power of the Written Word

In the world of content creation, there has been much activity driven towards the creation of multimedia content. The analysts with the loudest voices are promising that video is the next frontier is information consumption and the written word will continue to lose value.

This concept was highlighted by the recent news that Facebook and Skype were partnering for the release of Project Spartan, as well as the recent release of the Google+ platform. What perhaps is missing from the argument, however, is a clear view into what these platforms offer, why we care and how the written word will dominate in the future.

Social media interaction is the primary push in marketing today as every company wants to dominate their market through the use of innovative tools. Social media offers a way to directly engage customers, promote your products or services and stay on top of the latest trends.

Project Spartan and Google+ offer a new layer of social networking that allows video to play an important part in this movement. Consumers and businesses alike can leverage these key tools to drive their brand and personalize the experience for customers. And, while this is a viable tool, it cannot be viewed as the only tool.

A truly successful marketing strategy never relies on one channel to promote the message of the brand, but rather a collaborative effort between various channels. The same is true for video and written content. The two can easily marry to send the desirable message to the right audience, but the power of the video is reliant on the direction of the written word.

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