What Does Your Brand Say?

What kind of power does your brand have in the market? Everything associated with your company contributes to your brand, for better or worse. It’s critical you control those associates so you can consistently build value in your brand, not focus on damage control.

Whether it is the décor in your store, the address at which your company resides, the employees that work for you or the product that you sell, everything associated with your company says something to the consumer.

Think about what you want your brand to say about your company. Do you want it to stand for high end products and great customer service? Regardless of your answer, you must be committed to consistent performance on any level associated with your brand or consumers could receive a very different message. This could mean spending money on marketing to ensure consistency in that message, ensure that it is heard and properly managing your campaigns to meet the changing dynamics in the market.

Staying consistent is one key to ensuring your brand never changes. Don’t try to change your brand mid-stream unless you find that it’s no longer working for you. Customers can be confused by too much change; give them time to adapt to what you have and then you can get a feel for how it is working, or not working

There are six basic steps to managing your company brand.
• Define and decide exactly why you are in business
• What do you want people to know about your company
• What do you want people to say about your company when they hear your company name
• Define any advantages people will have by using your company
• Define your brand
• Build your brand through all impressions that people have about your company
If you can follow these six simple steps you are sure to have a successful company brand that people will not only recognize, but also invest in.

Do you need a little help defining any of these steps to better identify your brand? SJC Copywriting Solutions can help. Contact us today at susan@susanjcampbell.comor 816-617-3065,

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