Using Video Marketing to Build Your Site Traffic: Part 2

If you follow our blog, you know we’re in the middle of a series on using video to build traffic for your website. If you missed the first post, catch it here.
Different Web Video Options for You to Consider
Depending on what your goal is with your web video, there are different types of web video to consider before making a change. Screencasts is a motion video picture that is seen from a computer. Vodcasts are a simpler version of Screencasts and are usually taken without much production thought. Some Vodcasts can be streamed live, which is a great option once you have gained popularity.

Animation is a stop-motion created by piecing together a smaller series of images/frames. Finally, Produced Web Video can contain a balance of live content with special effects. If your company is in the technical industry, you should consider putting together a series of “how-to” video’s in order to capture your audience. These would fall under the Screencasts category. You always have the option of monitoring the video creation efforts of your competition, just make sure you take it to the next level.
Creating a Web Video isn’t as Difficult as it may Seem
There are many different software options to utilize when creating your web video. Here are the top nine:

  1.  iMovie – this option (in most cases) comes already loaded on Mac computers for your convenience.
  2. MovieMaker –in most cases, this option is preloaded on Windows PCs for your benefit.
  3. Free Trials – these are available from Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere and others. Most are in the $1,000 price bracket when purchased.
  4. Camcorder – you can purchase a camcorder if it is easier and closer to your price range.
  5. DV Capture Card – some DV cams have a memory card slot but if you are using a tape you will need a DV Capture Card; these can be found through Pinnacle.
  6. Lighting – good lighting is a necessity when making a web video. It is easier to start with the proper lighting than to try and fix bad lighting in an already made web video.
  7. Green Screen – very helpful in animation, but also a good tool to use in any web video. They can add depth and action to your videos easily.
  8. Tripod – this is a necessity if you are shooting a web video. This will keep your camera from shaking and causing motion sickness for those watching your web video.
  9. Storyboarding – this is the blueprint you will work with when making your web video so that you will have minimal re-shooting to do which can lead to extra expenses.

Don’t forget to check back with us as we continue to explore the power of video.

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