Why Editorial Calendars Work

Probably one of the easiest ways for a content marketer to think like a publisher, is to create an editorial calendar, according to this Content Marketing Institute report. Many magazines already publish editorial calendars but very few, if any, content marketers have taken hold of the trend.

In order for you to keep your publishing content consistent, it’s very important to utilize the editorial calendar. Not only will it allow you to keep your content relevant, but it will also keep your entire writing team on the same page with their work.

Creating your editorial calendar to fit your specific needs is the key to success with this tool. Depending on what type of content you produce will set the tone for the type of editorial calendar you will use.

Keeping a master editorial calendar allows you to see everything that will be published each day and week. In conjunction with that, you should also keep an editorial calendar that has a more specific breakdown of your work.

Some companies use the Google calendar and some use Excel or other programs, it all depends on how detailed you want your calendar to be. If you choose Excel, you can break your calendar down into specific tabs such as:

  • Author
  • Date the piece is posted
  • Titles
  • Key words that must be used
  • Specific categories

Another way to use your editorial calendar is to track the ideas of things you may want your business to post about at a later date. Some of those options would include:

  • Specific content ideas regarding information already on your website
  • Content ideas you can repurpose to make your own
  • Ideas for a new content piece on a unique topic

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract and keep traffic on your sites. Want to know more, or just need assistance with producing your content? That’s what we do best at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions. In fact, when we write – you shine!

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3 Responses to Why Editorial Calendars Work

  1. jaynalocke says:

    I love the editorial calendar. It’s a flexible tool that helps you lay out all of your content marketing. I recommend layout out a full year, quarter by quarter, and re-evaluating what is working and what needs improvement on a monthly basis. I love the fact that you listed Author, Date, Title, Keywords and Categories (especially for blog posts). For a company with multiple contributors, it’s critical to have each content piece assigned to an author. And of course keywords are always important. Good work!

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