Coffee Talk with Ronny Jo

A company needs many different personalities to make it function. There is always the person who is super organized, the person who works well under pressure, the person who always has a positive attitude, and of course the person who never says no.  For Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, that person is Ronny Jo.  Grab your cup of joe, take a few minutes to yourself this Monday morning and meet our “never-say-no” team member.

My name is Ronny Jo and I have been writing for SJC for just over a year now. My husband Mark and I have been married for 11 years and have one daughter, Alexis who is eight years old. I enjoy working for SJC because it allows me to not only hold down a job, but also the freedom to be a mom as well. Our daughter is involved in gymnastics, softball and swimming so the flexibility that  this job allows me is important. I am also able to help at my daughter’s school by volunteering in different roles such as the Reading Wall, Little Red School House, being a Head Room Parent and serving as the VP of Communications and Secretary on the PTO Board.

In my spare time (which is rare, but I wouldn’t have it any other way) I enjoy watching NASCAR, playing softball and cards, music (singing and playing), and SUDOKU. My family is also very involved in the Faucett Baptist Church where I lead Vacation Bible School every year as well as serve on the Children’s Council.

Susan’s take on Ronny Jo:

In every company, there tends to be at least one person you know you can count on to do just about anything. For Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, that person is Ronny Jo. I originally recruited her to our PTO Board when I was president. I noticed how reliable, efficient and hardworking she was as a volunteer. When the business started to grow and I needed to add to the team, Ronny Jo was one of the first people I called.

Her role within the company tends to change and evolve as our projects grow. Ronny Jo handles everything from writing and editing, to backlinking and research. When it comes to a new assignment, she doesn’t seem to know the word, “no”. She’s always willing to learn and she takes a quality approach, caring what happens to the company and whether or not the client is happy with the work. She’s very structured and pays close attention to detail – something essential in this kind of work.

We can’t continue to grow without people like Ronny Jo hard at work, delivering exactly what we need, when we need it. That kind of dedication and commitment is hard to find – we’re planning to hold on tight to this one.

At SJC, we value and embrace the various strengths of our team members. Those strengths are what set us apart from other companies.  If you would like to get to know more about our company and how we can put those strengths to work for you, feel free to finish your coffee and then go check out our website.  You’ll be glad you did.

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1 Response to Coffee Talk with Ronny Jo

  1. Ronny Jo says:

    This looks great. Thank you for the kudo’s Susan. It is easy to get excited about work when you work for a great company. I love seeing new projects come on board because I know that means your company is getting just a little bit bigger each time. Yes, I “thrive” off of staying busy which also happens to work great for you, but as the blog said, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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