Coffee Talk with LuAnn

Good Monday morning to all! We’d like to think that our Coffee Talks are something that you are beginning to look forward to at the start of your week, so grab your coffee mug and sit down with another one of the integral parts of the SJC Copywriting Solutions team.  Every member of our team fills a need, and we’d love to share LuAnn’s story with you so that you can understand a little better why we need her! Her smile is infectious and so is her love of life, so read on and learn why we love having her on our team!

LuAnn Cadden peddled books for years for Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other bookstores before she finally started writing them. While a working as a Naturalist for the Missouri Department of Conservation, she wrote magazine and research journal articles and interpretive trail guides. Her other published writings include everything from creative writing stories and factual newspaper articles to a personal advice column for Catholic teenagers. Her love for travel, interpretation, and writing led her to write a book for an unconventional trail, Driving Across Missouri: A Guide to I-70She’s also written an audio tour for Highway 36 across Missouri. LuAnn supplements her writer’s folly as a part-time teacher.

When not tapping computer keys, LuAnn enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, yoga, navigating piano keys, teaching, and taking day trips that make her go “Ooo!” and “Ah!” She loves to sing with the car radio, smiles while she organizes things, and admires artsy little details in everything from the architectural accents of old buildings downtown to the use of the Oxford Comma. Wallpaper is not her friend and she can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. She couldn’t function without laughter, family, and faith in her life– and maybe, perhaps, ice cream.

Susan’s Take on LuAnn:

I had the pleasure of first meeting LuAnn at a Zumba class, introduced by Lisa (my right hand) as the two have daughters the same age in school and Girl Scouts together. Lisa learned LuAnn was editing articles on the side and LuAnn was intrigued by what Lisa was up to at work. Believe it or not, even for this seasoned writer, we still had to talk her into working with us.

Fortunately for us, we found a great fit for her to use her talents in specific areas of writing for our clients. Her work is always excellent and her enthusiasm to take on a new project or challenge is infectious. It’s always a joy to receive one of her finished pieces as I know I can just sit back and enjoy the story she has put together.

LuAnn is another example as to why Susan J. Campbell Copywriting is a success – enthusiastic people who love their work and are excited about new opportunities. If you’re ready to learn more about what we do and how we can help you grow your business, contact us today.

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