Since 1966: The Family Planning Clinic Focuses on Healthy Lives for All Life Stages

“I’m definitely a woman’s advocate. I truly want to just be there for women whether it’s to help them know their options in contraceptive care, have a cancer screening or a safe place to live.”  – Family Planning Clinic staff

Some of the best-kept secrets in a community operate quietly, behind the scenes, building a stronger community and providing critical service to people from all demographics and life stages.

For more than 40 years, thousands of individuals have utilized one source for reproductive health care and education to lead the healthy, quality life they desire:  The Family Planning Clinic (FPC), a service under the Family Guidance Center umbrella that operates as an independent entity. Now known as FPC, the doors to this service have provided life-saving cancer screenings for men and women, health screenings for disease and education about how elements like exercise and avoiding smoking can lead to longer, healthier lives since the 1960s. As an active part of the Northwest Missouri community, the Clinic can also provide referrals to additional health care or social services when an individual needs help planning their best care path.

During the past few years, the FPC has relocated to a state-of-the-art center in St. Joseph, opened a clinic in Maryville, Mo., and expanded their hours to meet the demands of working professionals with the perspective that reproductive health goes hand-in-hand with overall health. Last year, the Clinic’s experienced team served more than 2,500 individuals and provided more than 8,400 visits. With a new website,, and plans for focused communication strategies, FPC is working to help women and men across age groups and life phases to know there’s someone who will listen and to provide the testing or information they need to stay healthy, such as contraceptive care. Same-day or walk-in appointments are also available, reducing critical wait time.

Since 1966, numerous stories have emerged about how FPC helps people and saves lives. Part of this unique ability to serve comes from the clinic’s acceptance of Medicaid, many insurance plans and also a sliding fee scale – making care accessible to many who would not seek care otherwise. One woman told her FPC physician that her cancer screening at the clinic was the only physician’s visit she had seen in years. When a test was positive for cancer, the team helped refer her to next steps for care – none of which would have been possible without the services of the clinic. Many others choose the FPC for their care because of the ongoing commitment and compassion of the staff, as well as convenient hours and services.

The team at FPC is a true advocate for both women and men who need critical services and education to live their healthiest life. Today, the FPC name is becoming known as a resource for top-quality, convenient care across the region, and continues to represent a local success story with lasting impacts.

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