Monday Morning Coffee with St. Joe Day of Prayer Inc.

dop2Have a cup of joe today with a non-profit group of volunteers who are working hard to honor a tradition that’s more than 50 years old:  the National Day of Prayer. Events will soon be happening at our nation’s capital on Thursday, May 2, as well as across the nation to honor the day officially set aside by Congressional leaders in 1952 to recognize the power of faith.

On a local level, the St. Joe Day of Prayer Inc. formed in 2011 as a group of volunteers to help coordinate a special event each year honoring the National Day of Prayer. Last year, the group brought a packed house to hear national best-selling author Todd Burpo speak about his popular book “Heaven is For Real.” Although he spoke in what many consider a small town, Burpo isn’t a small name. He has captured coverage on Good Morning America and others for his story and book.

This year, the group is bringing Retired Lt. Colonel Steve Russell to speak in St. Joseph Mo., on the National Day of Prayer, Thursday May 2. Russell will share the story of his role in the location and capture of Saddam Hussein and how his faith played a role in the process. He has been featured on the Wall Street Journal and many other national sources for his book, “Wet Got Him.” Once again, the committee has rallied enough support to bring in a big name with a big message.

Event promotion and outreach is handled on a grassroots level for the annual prayer breakfast event, with committee members speaking in-person to local groups and organizations. Volunteers also employ classic tactics of sending letters and flyers. Attendance proves that while Facebook event marketing and other tools are effective, a certain audience still responds to real, actual letters and pieces of paper. The message is simple:  Know thy audience if you want to fill thy seats.

Today SJC thanks the volunteers of St. Joe Day of Prayer, Inc., and all involved in bringing this event about the power of faith so successfully to our city.


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