Be Our Guest: Tips to Share Your Events Online

9041468_mGot something going on? You will, if you work with these simple tips for helping get your invitation into the right hands and to get the right audience to respond.

From special events at your business, to webinars or online discussions – and even special one-time sales that happen online or in the store – there are numerous ways to share your event online. Sharing your event online doesn’t have to be impersonal or seem random; with some strategy, you can place your event information into targeted audience areas and encourage them to help you share that info.

Try LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers an Events page and area where you can tell your group of connections all about your event and invite them to share.
Blog it. Share your event online through a fun blog that describes what visitors can expect, and encourages them to take the next action step. The action step can be a link to a registration page, a link to your website page about the event or it can encourage them to share it on their own Facebook and Twitter networks for a perk.
Facebook Events Tab. Try a Facebook iframe (or tab) specifically for your event, as well as creating a true Facebook Event and notifying selected fans of your business. This also gives them a next step – the chance to say yes, no or maybe. Don’t forget to respond to their feedback, including a “thanks, catch you next time” response if they decline your invitation.
Ask the right questions. Post a question about who is attending on your Twitter feed and your Facebook status. Ask people what they’re most looking forward to. Ask afterward what they liked best.
Partner up to share your event online. Email online publications, online news sources and related bloggers and ask them to share your event. You can offer a shared link to their site in return.
Create a photo gallery for it on Pinterest. Create a Pinboard for your event, with images that not only tell people what to expect but also have the date, time and place placed directly on the image. The Pinterest link can feed back to your event page information on your website.

A final suggestion:  The best event marketing happens, for the most part, in the pre-event planning phase. Be sure you’re ready for posting events by building them ahead of time into your content creation strategy and your editorial calendar. Guests will feel more like guests when you know exactly how you want to share the information, allowing it to be connected seamlessly across the places where they are already talking with you and your organization.


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