Monday Morning Coffee with Niche of Time Jewelry

nicheoftimeYou might think that in order to get your own customized, unique jewelry – like an engagement ring pieced together, just for you; earrings that seem to match your personality because they were designed with you in mind – you would have to be in the jewelry business.

However, Niche of Time Jewelry has worked hard over the years to offer one of the finest selections of weddings rings, and other gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Custom, unique design creations make Niche of Time truly stand out, especially for bridal and engagement sets. In fact, there’s a custom “creator” tool on the website, along with information to help you learn more about the fascinating diamond and gemstone industry itself. Not only are these tools quite engaging for customers, they also convey immediately that these individuals really know their stuff when it comes to jewelry, and that you’re in good hands – literally.

Niche of Time was actually founded in 1948 by Edward Segrist. It was then called Segrist’s Jewelry, and it was mostly a watch and clock repair store. After Mark, Edward’s son, attended school at Missouri Western State College, he began apprenticing under his father. After his experience of working with his father, Mark decided he wanted to pursue a career in jewelry. This led him to the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology where he learned all about jewelry – stone setting, fabrication and casting, repair. He even took an elective class on wax carving custom jewelry. At the time, he didn’t ever expect to use that knowledge, but it eventually became a fundamental piece of his work.

Eventually, Mark went from doing mostly watch repair and some wholesale jewelry repair to having specialists work for him. Niche of Time has a staff that are constantly learning more and more about gemstones and diamonds. With their support, Mark is skilled in hand-picking material that will ensure durable and flawless pieces. He stresses that while something might look great in the magazine, it still needs to be something you can really wear.

Niche of Time is a new member of the St. Joseph Metro Chamber and is excited to continue to grow in this industry. Mark’s shop is staffed with a knowledgeable group of people. They are kind and very easy to talk to, which is great when talking about jewelry. (Or any business service, actually). It’s also very easy to see their passion for custom pieces that truly tell a story – both about the recipient and the giver.

Today at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we honor this business team who continues to build a legacy on true expertise in a “niche” industry, and to demonstrate their commitment to both uniqueness and quality.

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