Chipotle Gives a Great Lesson in Video Marketing

Chipolte 1Chipotle has become known for their hipster advertising and culture. They were told several years ago, their video marketing needed to be focused on the burritos, not their views on factory farming. However, when they rebelled and pushed a YouTube video called, “Back to the Start,” they were able to promote the problems they see with industrial farming, while pushing their awesome-tasting, huge burritos. After being posted to YouTube in August of 2011, they sit at just over 8 million views.

Last year, Chipotle brought back the successful video marketing formula with “The Scarecrow,” which featured a sad farmer who has been replaced by a factory farm. YouTube tells us that this video has over 12 million views since September 2013. Twitter says there were 31 thousand tweets, resulting in 126 million impressions. The press coverage alone provided over 500 million impressions. For a company to purchase this type of coverage from a video marketing campaign, Todd Wasserman tells us that it would cost roughly $5 million.

A study conducted by Unruly stated that “The Scarecrow” was number 55 on the most-shared videos of the year. They found that it wasn’t really the creative, hipster vibe that appealed to individuals, it was the emotional aspect of the video. Consumers are 30 percent more likely to share ads that stimulate positive emotions, rather than ads that stir up negative ones. “The Scarecrow” uniquely pulls out both.

Emotions are a powerful tool, but it can result in the opposite of the desired effect. However, Chipotle is used to these different types of responses to their marketing. They approach video marketing with the desire that you still feel good about the food you just consumed, rather than just making your mouth water for the first bite.

Video marketing is about connecting with your audience on a different level. Sometimes this requires a little additional legwork in trying to understand just what your audience wants to see from you. What emotions are you trying to stimulate with your brand? Are you looking for passion and loyalty? If you’re ready to find answers to these questions and more, contact Susan J. Campbell today. We are ready to take your video marketing to the next level.

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2 Responses to Chipotle Gives a Great Lesson in Video Marketing

  1. Alex Martin says:

    I loved Chipotle’s ‘The Scarecrow’ video – one of the best bits of content marketing I saw last year along with the Rainforest Alliance’s ‘Follow The Frog’ and Volvo trucks ‘The Ultimate Splits’.

    I recently wrote an article on the formula for marketing success that you might want to check out:

    Let me know what you think

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