Faith Meets Football: Monday Morning Coffee With the National Day of Prayer

Mayor’s National Day of Prayer Breakfast featuring Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt:   Thursday May 1, 2014  Civic Arena, St. Joseph, Mo

Mayor’s National Day of Prayer Breakfast featuring Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt:
Thursday May 1, 2014
Civic Arena, St. Joseph, Mo

This week, have your cup of Joe with a non-profit group of volunteers who are working hard to honor a tradition that’s more than 60 years old: the National Day of Prayer. Events will soon be happening at our nation’s capital on Thursday, May 1, as well as across the nation to honor the day officially set aside by Congressional leaders in 1952 to recognize the power of faith. One local event in St. Joseph may truly stand out, as faith meets football in what could be a full house – and yes, the coffee will be flowing.

In St. Joseph, volunteers are well into the third successful year for the Mayor’s National Day of Prayer Breakfast – and it could be the biggest yet. The event, set for Thursday, May 1, at the St. Joseph Civic Arena, will feature Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl punter Dustin Colquitt.

Colquitt is known nationally for raising his index fingers on the field after a successful play to give credit and thanks in a gesture of prayer. In a recent video shared by Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Colquitt talks alongside two other Kansas City Chiefs players about how their confidence and growth on the field as professional athletes remains grounded in their mission to be Christians.

“I play football for about seven minutes a year,” says Colquitt. “But I’m a Christian on and off the field all year long.”

St. Joseph Mayor and founder of the event, Bill Falkner, says having a professional athlete share his own experience with the power of prayer will be a truly memorable moment. “Everyone who has ever had a dream or a goal and reached out with prayer for help can relate,” says Falkner. “We’re thrilled that Dustin is willing to share his time and his personal story to reach anyone who comes to the event – from students to business leaders to Chiefs fans.”

The event remains free and open to anyone who wants to attend and sit in the upper level seating. Table sponsorships and individual ticket sales for first-level seating keep the event free. Last year, Retired Lt. Colonel Steve Russell, author of “We Got Him,” shared his story about his role in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein at the second annual event. At the inaugural event in May of 2012, New York Times bestselling author Todd Burpo of “Heaven is For Real” shared his experience with faith when his young son began describing distinct moments from heaven during a life-threatening illness and surgery.

The event is coordinated by a volunteer committee through the non-profit organization St. Joe National Day of Prayer Inc. Event promotion and outreach is managed at a grassroots level, with committee members speaking in-person to local groups and organizations. The message is also shared through simple Facebook posts, but is probably most powerful because of local message “champions” who share the event information across their own social media networks.

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For more information about the Mayor’s National Day of Prayer Breakfast featuring Dustin Colquitt, visit

Thursday, May 1, 2014
St. Joseph Civic Arena
6:45 a.m.

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