Looking to Stand Out Among Social Media Platforms: Facebook Makes Some Changes

Social Media 9While the hipsters may think Facebook is past its prime the rest of society is happy spending almost a fifth of the time on smartphones scrolling through Facebook. Facebook had a pretty rough initial public offering two years ago, but their financial records prove that everything is still going okay, at least according to their investors.

Yet, when was the last time anyone adored any of the new features Facebook has provided us over the last few years? However, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t worried. He has his sights set on his newest effort within the company called Creative Labs. They have decided that it would be best to break the app into a bunch of different smaller apps.

This social media platform is going to look vastly different, for mobile users especially. They are going to “unbundle the big blue app,” in the words of Zuckerberg, so that each app has a more focused service for the users.

The plan is a pretty different and drastic step for them to take. This social media platform has been trying out separate apps for several years, offering the Messenger app since 2011. In fact, recently Facebook has notified users that in order to continue sending and receiving messages through Facebook, they would need to download the Messenger app.

According to Zuckerberg, this multi-app social media platform will better fit the mobile user experience. According to research, the single-purpose apps run far more quickly than apps that are trying to do multiple things.

The exciting thing about splintering the Facebook app is that it will allow the social media platform to be more creative and try new things. Often times the success of technology and software companies is stifled due to the adverse reactions of customers.

There are some who have concerns about the direction Facebook is moving. A big concern is that these smaller applications will not successfully reach the core Facebook users. However, Zuckerberg does think the different apps will appeal to different people. While it seemed kind of ridiculous from the outside, Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp was actually a very smart business move. On the surface, they appeared to do the same thing, send messages. When taking a closer look, they were able to see that individuals were using the social media platforms in completely different ways.

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