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Mobile Marketing Boosts Your Brand

What do you need to know about mobile marketing that you haven’t already heard? It seems that everyone wants to proclaim that with every New Year, “this” is the year for mobile marketing. According to Gartner, a billion smartphones will … Continue reading

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Skeptics and the Mobile User Experience

Computer users are going less and less to their desktops and laptops, preferring instead to go to their mobile devices to absorb online material. Researchers at the Penn State Media Effects Research Laboratory have found that mobile users are a … Continue reading

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The Third Annual Year of Mobile Marketing

The third time is the charm, right? The phenomenon of mobile marketing has been gaining speed since 2012. Businesses are now seeing as many as one out of every five online purchases made from a mobile device. According to the … Continue reading

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Plan on Mobile Marketing For Future Success

Remember the days when planning a trip required several phone calls for hotel rooms, dinner reservations, tickets to concerts and so on?  Now, you do all of it and then some right from your phone. With studies showing that desktops … Continue reading

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Make the Right Call by Taking Advantage of Mobile Marketing

There’s no denying that wherever you go, people are on their phones. They are either calling someone, texting another or viewing a website or social media site. A study by Supermonitoring.com surveyed mobile users and found that 51 percent of … Continue reading

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Marketing Strategies Should Include Social Media for Older Consumers

Do your marketing strategies take into account the Baby Boomers’ use of social media? If you think this generation of aging Americans are a group who refuse to accept technology, you’re missing out on a key demographic. Including them in … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing: A Powerful Trend That You Should Dive Into

There are some amazing opportunities for you and your company when considering mobile marketing. Most individuals are always on the move, making great use of their mobile devices. Customers don’t ignore ads as much on their cell phones as they … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Has a Solid Position in Every Marketing Strategy

What does every marketing campaign include these days? A focus on social media. How do most people access their social media? Through their mobile devices, which means mobile marketing is here to stay. The rate of mobile phone and smartphone … Continue reading

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How Effective is Your Content Marketing Plan?

It’s no secret that traditional marketing budgets are making a shift and are more often favoring digital content over print. It’s a digital fast-paced world out there, and a fly-by-night content marketing plan is not going to cut it. With … Continue reading

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Six Online Marketing Trends for 2013

Today’s digital consumers are increasingly turning to the web as a part of their purchasing behavior. Whether it’s using the Internet to research, compare ratings, or actually make a purchase, the online experience cannot be ignored if you’re to convince … Continue reading

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