Why do you need a strong message?

It’s not about your brand attributes. It’s not about all the ways you outshine your competitors. It’s not even about turning customers’ heads.

It’s all about relationship.

You need a strong marketing message to form a relationship with your clients and buyers. This means you’re talking to them often, but you’re also listening to them.

Need help getting this conversation going, or managing it? Susan J Campbell Copywriting Solutions specializes in the exact words you need to have this conversation with your clients  —  and our expertise helps you tell that story in powerful ways you’ve only imagined.

Here’s a review of the tools we use to make the most of your message, and to create the living relationship you need with your clients; a relationship that changes with their needs and allows them to be part of the dialogue.

Web Content:  You just can’t live without it. Even with advanced customer or client tracking tools and extensive use of video or photo on your web site, research tells us that readers continually value and respond to quality, well-written description content that’s engaging and leaves them with an imprint about your products and services. Well-written content on your web site tells them you’re an expert; that you’re trustworthy; that your site is safe. It can be a challenge to keep this line of conversation going with your customers, so let our experts handle this for you. We’ll create the dialogue you need from your web site, and keep it current, so you can focus on other business strategies.

Press Releases That Get You Noticed:  The press release gives your event or promotion an air of urgency. It tells your readers – be they by email or newspaper – that something is definitely happening with your organization. Most are viewed electronically, and the press release is still a very worthy tool for generating impressions and building relationships with your buyers. This tool can still be a core element of your brand message, and you need it because press releases often turn into media stories – which turn into conversations with buyers based on what’s new with your product line or service.

Social Media Tools That Do What You Hoped They Would:  Start with a blog. This is a key element of building the strong brand message you need, and an open door to a conversation with your buyers. Add blogs to your web site often, and don’t just blog about your products – be the “expert” on things people who use your products or services are interested in. Most viewers see these as news sources and research indicates they help build brand loyalty. Even better, your customers can transfer your blog to their Facebook or Twitter peers, further extending that conversation. Blogs are here to stay, and Susan J Campbell Copywriting Solutions can help you write engaging, powerful blogs that escalate your brand image (while you don’t have to worry about getting them done and posted).

Facebook, Twitter and Video (Yep, You Need Them):  Don’t overlook these tools or believe they can’t help you tell your story. We work with clients across the nation and the globe that continue to escalate their brand presence with these tools, and ask us to help make their client conversations consistent across these media forms. Use them as part of your overall brand marketing strategy to save time and extend the reach of all your efforts. For example, invite Facebook fans to view your new blog post from your web site, where you’ve also just added a new promotion or success story. Post a video news release on your web site and then follow up with a link to become a Facebook fan.

Email Marketing – It’s Alive! :  The email newsletter is still a strong and impactful conversation with your clients, and still a great tool for drawing together all your brand messages. Include stories that draw readers in and nudge them to click onto your website. Post a link on Facebook or Twitter that directs them to open up (and subscribe to) your enewsletter. Susan J Campbell Copywriting Solutions can be your total enewsletter solution, giving you great stories, helping you make best use of social media and strengthening your brand loyalty through a personal conversation your subscribers want to open up and read.

Why do you need a strong message? Because your customers and clients want a relationship with you. Once that’s successful, your message – your story – becomes like talking to an old friend, even as you use multiple message platforms.  Create a strong message and a solid relationship, and suddenly you’re the first person customers call when they need something (your products, and your services!)

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