Social Media Matters for the Small Business

There is a common misconception among small business owners that SEO (search engine optimization) is not important. Likewise, the focus on social media is either lacking or nonexistent as these same individuals believe that face-to-face meetings and word of mouth are more powerful in terms of creating new revenue opportunities.

While face time and word of mouth are still important for any small business, what these owners are failing to understand is that word of mouth is now found in social media. Consumers everywhere are using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to gather information on specific brands, share their own experiences and even become advocates for their favorite companies or products.

In the St. Joseph community – the same in which SJC operates – the misconception surrounding social media and SEO is alive and strong. Business owners are still lagging behind in the social media realm, inviting their competitors to gather more attention and greater search rankings simply because they don’t fully understand the power of social media, even in the smaller community.

This is not to suggest that social media should completely replace your current marketing strategy, but instead should hold a place of prominence in that strategy. Even if you are targeting the client or consumer that only lives three blocks away, that person is likely using social media and search engines to find information. Do you want them to do business with the national company that appeared first in the search ranking or Facebook search? Or, do you want to be their first choice? You have the power to make it happen – how will you use it?

Contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions LLC and we’ll show you how social media can make a difference and why it will drive SEO for you. If you’re ready to take the leap; we’ll provide the lift.

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