A Better Site in a Week: Simple Things You Can Do Now to Drive Your Website Traffic Part I

It’s Friday afternoon, and reviewing your website still didn’t make it off of your to-do list. It’s a common scenario many organizations face, but unfortunately, it could be costing you precious customers and preventing you from capturing valuable new leads and opportunities.

If visitors aren’t taking action when they land on your site, but you’re too busy already doing what you have to do each day to make big changes, have no fear. A recent TechRepublic article gives some basic changes you can implement to your Web presence to truly boost business and build a noticeably stronger online community for your brand.

How Does it Read? Content is Everything

Every second a visitor spends on your site is giving them a precious imprint of your brand and the quality of your products or services. If the wording is awkward, boring or seems meant for employees, modify it. Each section should serve as an invitation and make users feel welcome and appreciated. Things to look for and change include acronyms, industry-specific jargon and other phrases that customers can’t resonate with. Also make sure the key words and phrases that make you searchable online are used as frequently as possible. This can significantly boost the ability for customers to find you from major search engines.

Can They Find Your Contact Information?

It sounds simple, but many organizations don’t have their contact information listed in an accessible and consistent location on their site. You don’t have to reserve this information only for a Contact Us page. You can improve your site by listing at least your phone and email address on every page. Don’t forget to put options for finding you on Facebook, LinkedIn or signing up for your enewsletter in easy-to-find, consistent places across several of your site pages.

Want to know the rest? Check back in a couple days and we’ll finish the list – you’ll be well on your way to an improved site!

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