Use Strategic Content Make Your Sales Leads Work

Marketing Sherpa has designed a system that will help you to make your sales leads work. They implemented their five step program in early 2010 and saw amazing results.

  • Each quarter their revenue increased by as much as 40%
  • The average annual revenue on each of their accounts almost doubled
  • Their inbound leads were increased by 70%
  • Website traffic was increased by 20%
  • The traffic on their website was increased by 3 – 4 times

If you are willing to follow their simple five step program, these same results may be achievable for your company as well.

Simply creating guidelines for all of your messaging on every channel is the first step in the process. The second step takes that a step further by creating architecture for your messaging. This may deal with things such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. When working on step three you will want to add value to the content of your current website. This will help you to gain new leads for potential sales in the future.

Step four consists of setting up automated marketing, making sure that you respond quickly but not in a fashion as to annoy a potential client. Finally, step five is to prioritize and adjust things to ensure that you can track the number of leads you captured, the ratio of leads to sales you generated, the average value of your sales and the return-on-investment your company received.

The nice thing about this five step program is that it is virtually free. There is no software, hardware or other hidden costs to worry about. Spending some time strategizing and collaborating with your current employees will be the only cost you should incur. Content marketing can definitely help to increase revenue for your company but don’t work at it blindly. Follow the five steps recommended here so that you can achieve the best possible outcome.

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