A Better Site in a Week: Simple Things You Can Do Now to Drive Your Website Traffic Part II

Last week, we gave you a few tips you could implement right away to drive more traffic to your website. Here, we continue with our pointers:

Know Who’s Visiting, and What They’re Reading

In less than an hour you can install an analytics program to your site, which will allow you to easily track how many people are visiting, find out if they’re new visitors, and which pages they’re clicking on. This means you’ll know if promotions or new content you’ve added to certain pages are working, and how many new site visitors you may have if you’re revving up your social media campaigns to drive website traffic. If you have a page users never visit, this may be an indicator that the information needs perked up or changed. Google Analytics is a free one many organizations are using to capture this valuable data.

Don’t Force Movement or Videos Upon Your Viewers

Allow your viewer to find your site quickly and then browse around at their own pace. Videos that open automatically with loud sounds or other sound effects are distracting and can cause a viewer to exit immediately. Set up videos or sound bites so that users can choose to click and play, so that they feel more in control of their site visit.

Make it Mobile

Use images that are formatted to be correct and have the right sizing when your customers open them on their smartphones or on your Facebook page. This prevents an ugly hole where an image should be, or an image that’s not sized right to even be readable. The tag to assign to the image is “image_src,” and you can see easy online examples of how it’s placed into your image website code. It’s a simple fix that makes your page look good in other formats, especially when visitors send links to your site to friends from their Facebook page.

Clean House

Try opening your website from a couple of different machines outside of your office. Do boxes or messages pop up that are unnecessary, such as messages about old JavaScript? If you haven’t checked your site in a while, there may also be other areas that slow down your page with old and cluttered information that’s no longer relevant. Speed is king online, so make sure your site is running fast.

With a focus on clear, welcoming wording and simple tools to invite readers to get involved, your organization’s website will pop up faster when visitors look for you from search engines. You’ll also provide the kind of quality experience that leads them to take action, whether it’s buying, joining you on social media or recommending your site to a friend.

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