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Monday Morning Coffee with Sweet Wishes Cakery

Have you ever walked into a new store and just immediately thought “I just want to stay here forever.” ? That’s the feeling you get when you walk into the doors of Sweet Wishes Cakery in Savannah, MO. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing Puts Retailers Right Where Consumers Are Looking

Each morning at approximately 7a.m., Sally Jean turns on her tablet and logs onto Facebook. First she likes a post from her grandma, then shares a snapshot from last night’s dinner at a new restaurant in town. As she is … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee: How SJC Justifies Eating Cupcakes for Breakfast

There are many things companies can do to get customers in their doors. But what happens AFTER they’ve sent their products home with them? One of the most important aspects of marketing is customer feedback. Recently, members of the SJC … Continue reading

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Four Fun and Different Ways to Stimulate Engagement on Facebook

You may know that engagement with your customers is important, however, maybe you don’t understand different ways to get that engagement up and running – or maybe you just need fresh, new ideas on how to keep it going. Here … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee: Time for a Great Story with Robidoux Resident Theatre

This winter, it’s time for a great story. We encourage you to set aside the DVR and seek out some great theater featuring innovative scripts and Broadway-style musical favorites. How about award-winning set designs? Options like dinner theater, mystery theater … Continue reading

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Updated Page Insights on Facebook Bring Greater Benefits to Your Marketing

Facebook has been a marketing bonanza for many businesses. Now the social media giant has made some changes to the Page Insights that should yield even greater benefits for your company. In case you’re not aware of them, here are … Continue reading

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Marketing Trends and the Direction They are Headed in 2014

In the marketing world, it is always important to know what direction we are going to be heading in the coming months. Being aware of what is new and what we need to be ready for is vital to the … Continue reading

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Facebook: Where Traffic is a Good Thing

We all know that traffic is typically a word that causes the blood pressure to rise and the desire to throw something increases. However, for Facebook, traffic is a wonderful thing and we love to see those numbers rise. According … Continue reading

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Social Media Statistics and How They Influence Marketing

We are all aware of the growth in social media and there are several different reasons to pay attention to this growth. Today, we want to provide a few statistics from 2013 about social media. Facebook isn’t shy about promoting … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Coffee with “Cards For Caleb”: Printery House Hosts “Card Party”

In many ways, social media combines the best of classic ideas with new tools. This week we look at an example from The Printery House, an apostolic work of the monks of Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery set in the … Continue reading

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