Texting: More Popular than you Think

Do you know anyone who doesn’t text? If so the numbers are probably few and far between. Texting has become one of the easiest ways to stay in contact with people and now it is even being used to promote companies like yours.

More than 203 million Americans are active “texters,” which means that 72 percent of cell phone users have text capabilities on their phones. According to the 2010 Mobile marketing Association meeting, there are 4.5 billion Americans who own cell phones and only 4.2 billion Americans who own a toothbrush; what does that say about technology today?

The median age for the “texters” is 38 years, which means that you could be missing out on your target market if you don’t take advantage of the service.

Research from the firm Ovum suggested that the text messaging craze will soon become the choice of communication for companies to advertise their business. If companies fail to utilize this outlet, they could actually lose out on effective marketing strategies.

Sending out a mass text message to all of your consumers is probably not the best way to start your texting campaign; take time to discover the basic rules for texting before you decide on your texting strategy.

One advantage to texting your current and potential consumers is you can personalize the message and they opt in to receive your updates. If you take the time to text them, they can read it at their leisure and will more than likely take time to see what it says before they act on it. Plus, it stays on their mobile device until they delete it.

Text messaging is a fun way to communicate with your clients. Need help selecting a provider and building your messaging strategy? Contact SJC Copywriting today and we can help you get started.



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