Email Marketing: Are You Leveraging this Simple Tool?

As so much of business is conducted “on the go,” it can be difficult to reach your entire target market when it comes to your advertising activities. Email marketing companies were created to help with this dilemma so that you can create desired results with each marketing strategy.

Email marketing companies focus on hits, clicks and leads. This system allows them to build a databank for your specific company so that you can generate leads as easily as possible. By knowing what companies you are targeting as potential clients you will be able to personalize the email and know what is in it and how it is designed.

As social media has become such a popular tool in marketing today, it’s an effective platform to link directly to email. In fact, 90 percent of social media users today check their email on a daily basis (minimum of once per day). Nearly 40 percent of these social media users check their email four times per day, which means your emails will be seen on a more regular basis.

One study showed that for every $1 you spend on email marketing companies, you have the ability to generate a $44 return on that dollar. This means that email marketing companies can be considered one of the most cost effective and profitable methods to advertise your business.

When considering what to include in your email, remember that the more links you include the better advertising you drive for your company. Keep subject lines simple and consider personalizing them for your target market.

Need assistance setting up your email marketing strategy? The SJC Copywriting team is ready to help you launch and implement a strategy for consistent communication with your target audience. Contact us today for more information.


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