Social Media: A Powerful Marketing Tool

Social media is the easiest way to grab the attention of a potential customer. In fact, 48.9 percent of companies use social medial to generate leads for their company. Make sure you are utilizing the social media tools to the best of their potential or you may miss out on opportunities along the way, as captured in this blog.

In order to generate the most leads from your social media, follow these seven simple guidelines:

  1. Don’t just pick one social media site to use; launch strategies on the leading sites. Twitter and Facebook are great resources for advertising but if your potential customers are on LinkedIn then you may be missing the boat if you ignore this portal.
  2. Don’t just boast about your product, offer details. Content rich postings about your company and product grab the attention of your readers.
  3. Use links in your social media advertising to allow customers quick access to your webpage or other product offers.
  4. Allow visitors to register for free updates regarding new and improved products your company has to offer. Making it as easy as possible for your reader is one way they can stay involved with your company.
  5. Integrate your email accounts with your social media accounts. Customers may want to be reminded via email that you have a new product or service you are about to release. If they are “following” you on Twitter or Facebook, set it up to send them an email reminder as well.
  6. Make sure your content is “sharable” on your social media site. Maybe a current customer knows of a potential customer who may be able to use your product. Make sure they have the ability to share your information so that leads can generate themselves.
  7. Monitor the traffic flow on your social media sites. If you are not generating a great number of “hits” or “clicks” then you may want to rethink your strategy.

Social media can be used for so many different things. Whether it is to visit with current customers to ensure their satisfaction, advertise your product to grab potential customers, or just to inform people of the services you have to offer. No matter what you are using social media for, make sure you are using it to the best of your ability so that you can gain the most benefits from it in the long run.

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