Email Marketing – Does it Work?

Long before you had 300 online “friends” and knew what a hashtag was, email marketing was a valuable outreach tool for potential and current clients, allowing you to segment audiences and tap into their key interests.
It still is.

Email marketing remains a top tool for permission-based communications with clients, supporters or potential clients and holds a unique niche among online marketing tools. One reason is that your website visitors or social media followers are giving you the go-ahead to send them special news and updates. Another reason is that you can easily track which parts of your email messages they’re actually opening, and you can see precisely what action steps they’re taking – especially how many times they’re using your email marketing tools to land right on your homepage.

In fact, the rise of social media has given email marketing knew strength and vigor. You can easily pair up an email marketing campaign within your social media strategy, by setting up an enewsletter or email-based discount that you create as a special part of your website. Then push out the enewsletter link across all your social media platforms, or share an exciting intro section of a story you’ve included in your enewsletter to entice them to subscribe and read it.

Mobile technology has also given new life to email marketing, because your subscribers are more likely to open and browse through your email marketing messages because they don’t have to be a their workstation or home computer to do so.

Keep in mind your enewsletter messages should be clear, straightforward and valuable, like all your other content creation efforts. Make the navigation very basic and uncluttered. Try using a second-person voice, including statements with “you” in them, as if you were talking to a friend. After all, you’ve gained their permission to talk with them, so email marketing opens that door to a more personal dialogue. Ask users to take a next step in every piece of email communications, be it going to your website or reading your social media.

Preview, edit and check your email newsletters and messages before they go out to make sure everything looks the way you want it to- including on mobile formats and various browsers – before you hit the big send. Give readers a chance in every message to opt out, and remember email marketing is another conversation route with your audience but should always maintain your brand integrity.

When you are ready to start working on your email marketing strategy, contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions and we will get you headed in the right direction.

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