Finding the Worst of the Worst in Social Media: Part 1

Choosing the best tweet or Facebook post for the day can be a simple task. What caught your eye, made you laugh or inspired you to share? This isn’t about the greatest social media ideas though; this is about finding the worst of the worst.

The Suxorz award exists to present the worst in social media. For 2011, there were many different “winners” of this award including David Berkowitz, Twanna Hines, Brian Morrisey, and B.L. Ochman.

Take a look at some of the worst social media screw-ups for last year as noted in one article.

Tin Ears

  • A condom-maker sent a friend request from an unborn child.

No matter what your stance on contraceptives in or out of marriage, this approach is just simply wrong. The condom maker not only missed this point, they actually took the request and branded it – so bad.

  • Nikon boasted that cameras take pictures, not people.

Not only should you never tell a customer they are wrong, but to make it worse they basically told them “they didn’t matter”. I guess we could also say that cars kill people, not the drunk drivers behind the wheel?

  • Jockey International asked “Can Tebow WIN you FREE underpants?”

I think this one speaks for itself.

Don’t Mess With Bloggers – It WILL Come Back on You

  • ConAgra Foods, along with the agency Ketchum, misled their bloggers.

ConAgra invited their bloggers to an event to discuss the topic of gourmet food.   Unfortunately, they chose to serve frozen foods! Hmmm, wonder what the bloggers did next?

  • Ragu spammed a dad blogger with a video poking fun at him.

In the video, the comment was made that “When mom cooks it rocks, when dad   cooks it’s bad”. Mistake maybe? I guess next time they better ensure that the mother is in the video, not the father.

As you can see, social media mistakes happen all the time, by well-established brands. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the Suxorz awards for 2011. Stayed tuned for Part 2 and we’ll continue to look at the worst of the past year.


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