Get More Bang for Your Blog: Some Simple Tips

You are, or you aren’t. Blogging, that is. While many organizations think it’s something for twenty-somethings or people who have strong opinions and lots of spare time, the reality is that blogging is a way of dialoguing with buyers, listening and getting your clients and donors to take action.

Even more powerful is the reality that consumers tend to overlook or bypass online ads, but many articles explain that consumers really do read and react to good blogging. They also enjoy using blogs as a way to praise (or criticize) your products.
Here’s another way to look at it:  without quality, consistent blogging, your other marketing and public relations efforts will literally run out of gas. Quality writing on a consistent blog schedule is the fuel that keeps people actively using, reading and clicking on your other tools, such as your web site and eNewsletters. Blogs are also the fuel for your social media strategies, as they direct the user straight to your site – and not only that, but to distinct pages through which you can build their trust and get them to take that next step.

How do you get started? First, start reading good blogs and the comments they inspire. Get a feel for how blogs approach a sense of tone or style, and how they incorporate facts and opinions in a very digestible way. Set up a simple blog page of your own on WordPress, a popular and straightforward blogging tool that makes it easy to keep posting fresh content.

Now, decide on your outcomes for a blog strategy. Do you want to have higher search rankings? Do you want to draw more readers to key phrases that relate to your business? Do you want to address topics with your consumers that will help you develop a stronger and more loyal following?

All of these are the outcomes of successful blogging, but you’ll only get great results if you set up a strategy. One way is to identify which topics and keywords you want to use, and when, and set it up in a simple table. Assign it to a writer and put the date posted. Many top bloggers respond and react to current news headlines in their industry, so you may also want to build a  library of strong articles to blog about for your strategy.
Blog often, and focus on relevant, useful information that also is engaging to read. Include two to three useful hyperlinks in each post, and you’re well on your way to capturing the amazing value of blogging.

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