Finding the Worst of the Worst in Social Media: Part 2

We began Part 1 by looking at some of the worst of the worst in social media bloopers.

Unfortunately, these are made more often than current offenders would like to admit. In Part 2 we will continue on that journey of examining the mistakes by taking a look at some of the categories provided in a SmartBlog article for the Suxorz awards.

Fun With Hashtags

1. Entenmann piggybacking on the Casey Anthony not guilty verdict.

Just because you want to find a large audience (as in the Casey Anthony trial),
doesn’t mean you should jump on the bandwagon to advertise wherever you can.
Promoting your product on the same site as the not guilty verdict will probably get
you more negative feedback than it will new customers.

2. Toyota spams the Super Bowl tweeters.

The Super Bowl might as well be a national holiday. If you are going to win
customers over, spamming the ones who tweet regarding the Super Bowl is
probably not the best idea.

Hijacked Twitter Hashtags

1. McDonalds started a twitter account.

Sounded like a good idea, right? Wrong! Unfortunately the customers told the
restaurant exactly how they felt regarding their food. Ouch! The Golden Arches
are better off with a one-way conversation.

2. Qantas opens a twitter account.

The bad part about this story is they did it while they were a focus in the media
due to their pilots leaving their planes grounded. Bad timing maybe, or just bad
advice from their marketing department?

Trying Too Hard

1. Woody Harrelson joined Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything).

This is a great idea for an actor to promote their movie, unfortunately AMA
means exactly that. Sounds like he didn’t think this through when having to
endure the list of personal questions. Unfortunately for Reddit, the people voiced their opinions.

2. pulled their ads from “All-American Muslin”.

To each his own when it comes to advertising. Removing your ad and making
the statement that you are “Not a bigot” is probably not the correct way to handle things.
Did I mention the CEO did this?

As I said before, social media can be a great tool or your worst nightmare. See how things play out in Part 3 where you can view the rest of the Suxorz awards along with some not so bad social media moments.

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