Coffee Talk with Lisa

Last Monday morning we gave you the opportunity to get to know Rachel, this week it’s time to visit with Lisa.  Our ever supportive leader Susan, is giving us this peek into Lisa’s life because, in Lisa’s own words, “I begged her unmercifully!” You see, not only is Lisa a fabulous team member, she is also modest and doesn’t like to talk about herself.  So, grab your cup of coffee and sit a while with Lisa, our Project Coordinator.

From Misfit Girls to Misfit Writers –

Lisa Smith keeps everyone on their toes, from moderating notes from the boss (it has to be nice!) to making sure we only buy office supplies on deep discount. A nearly five-year SJC veteran, Lisa took the role with the promise of just a few hours a week that could be completed from home, any time of the day. Little did she know successful growth was in our future and she’s had to juggle four kids, 10 writers and a demanding employer.

Originally an Oklahoma girl who was led wayward into the stark abyss of the Kansas prairies, Lisa was a high school cheerleader, who loved her days in the halls of Stillwater High.  After high school her fate was forever changed when she met her husband in college, a younger man who jumped through a few hoops to be noticed by the older woman(not that much older).

After college graduation, Lisa decided she loved Manhattan Christian College too much to leave and took on the role of Director of Student Development where she first tested her skills in managing projects. Many of the programs she put in place are still in full swing today. Lisa returns occasionally to provide talks at the college, instructing moms on how to prepare a month’s worth of meals and the importance of making time for dinner with the family.

Along with her role as student development director, Lisa also served with her husband, Pete, as residence hall supervisor. It was in the environment of managing a residence hall full of hormonal women that she truly honed her skills in managing writers. The drama, tears, conflict and pressure that tend to accompany college life don’t always shed when entering the workforce. If any of these elements attempt to darken our company’s doorway, Lisa is there with the right tools to get the person on the right track.

Today, Lisa is the wife of a minister and the mother of four. She is actively involved in the community and serves on the PTA at the schools where her children attend. Well-known for working many of her SJC hours in her PJ’s, Lisa is that vital person serving as not just Project Coordinator, but also mentor, advisor, supporter and friend. She started with this company as an employee, but has put much of her heart and soul into her role. She cares about the company, the team and the final products we produce.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go and generate as much revenue as possible. After singing her praises, Lisa is bound to think she needs a raise.

As we’ve mentioned before, teamwork is an integral part of the success of our company.  It takes many talented people to make what we do fall into place.  Be sure and visit our website to learn more, and be sure to tune in next week to have coffee with another one of our team members!

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