Java with Jimmy

It’s Monday morning again, and you know what that means. Grab your favorite mug and fill it with coffee, take a sip and learn a little more about our team. Today we want to introduce you to the only man in a company of women – Jimmy Myers. He is a brave soul with a passion for writing, so start your week off with a smile and read on!

Majoring in mass communications with a minor in literature at Northwest Missouri State University, I try to draw on both to write informed (non-fiction) articles at SJC. When not on the 9-5 at the local paper, and when I’m not slugging out blogs and tech articles at the home office, I’m engaging the overly hyper six-months-old Weimaraner in my home. A three-mile jog is not enough for the dog named Winston (full AKC name: Sir Winston Bacchus Barrygibb); his energy is incredible and sometimes wears me out.

When time allows, I’m working on house projects, which right now includes upgrading the electric service so I can install new HVAC and researching how to repair a flat roof porch. My house was built in 1922, so there is ALWAYS something to fix.

I also have a small garden that is more fun than I ever though it would be. I’m currently eagerly watching lettuce, shallots, hops (for home brewing), spinach, tomatoes, oregano and basil thrive in the small plot in my backyard.

I’ve been with SJC for about eight months, and it’s exciting to see it grow and to be a part of that growth. It’s also been a total emersion in the tech world. Do you want to talk about interactive voice response or telemetry? Give me a shout.

Susan’s take on Jimmy –

A common phenomenon is an email or a phone call from someone who wants to work with Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions. Sometimes they know what we do, and sometimes they just want to work from home. We have to be careful that the people we bring onto our team not only blend into our culture, but also bring value to fulfill a need. When Jimmy was suggested as a potential add to a company full of women, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

What we actually found in Jimmy was an enthusiastic writer willing to tackle new projects and topics, even with a tight deadline. He’s never afraid to take on something new and he has a vested interest in producing the kind of quality we need to deliver on our promises to a growing client base.  He’s been an excellent addition to our team, helping to take our quality to the next level and enabling us to take on a wider variety of projects.

One of our favorite things about Jimmy is his fun personality, which tends to shine in his communications with me and my project manager (remember Monday Morning Coffee with Lisa?). It’s always fun when you’re on a tight deadline and a fun quip comes across in an email, forcing you to stop, smile and relax a bit. And, while the rest of the team may be looking forward to a girl’s trip to a local home decor store as a perk for a job well done, Jimmy offered to stay behind and shampoo the carpets. Gotta love that kind of work ethic!

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