Tips for an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

The value in content marketing only goes as far as the value you offer in your blogs. You want to build brand awareness, educate prospects that land on your site and even nurture them through the sales funnel. Can you effectively do this with a simple blog? The answer is yes if you keep a few important points in mind.

A recent MLT Creative blog explained it very well, offering some tips to launching and maintaining an effective content marketing strategy, especially in the B2B space. Here – we share a few of their insights:

Link Where? We all know that links are a valuable tool in content marketing, but not if they don’t offer any value to the reader. If you want to build trust and a loyal following, link to other content that adds value to the topic.

What Action? When the reader gets to the end of your blog, do you give them something to do? A call to action is an essential element to your blog, or you may be wasting time. Send them to a link for more information; invite them to leave a comment; point them in the direction of a contest; etc. The point is to give them something to do to enhance their experience and keep them focused on your brand.

Extended Warranty? You’ll be tempted to make all of your blogs focus heavily on your products, services, awards, advancements, etc. Yes, your audience wants to know these things, but only in small doses. If you’re not adding value to their experience, they won’t likely turn into a customer or come back to your site. Avoid the over-selling – no, you really don’t need the extended warranty.

Write Wrong? More often than not, I’ve come across blogs written for well-known brands that incorrectly use jargon, include bad grammar or incorrect spelling or even rely on foul language to make a point. Experts in their field will immediately notice when a blog is off the mark and you’ve immediately lost credibility.

B2B content marketing is a powerful approach to identifying prospects, qualifying leads and converting new customers. Just remember these tips to keep your blogs working for you.

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