Get Over Being Liked … Yes You Can!

Everybody wants to be liked. But when it comes to your content marketing with social media, being liked is simply not enough. (Yes, we’re going to ask you to get over being liked.)

The beauty of social media conversations on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook is that you are setting up an arena for sharing, not just for liking. When your followers or “likes” share your posts and invite their contacts into the conversation, you’re on your way to serious impact that causes readers to take action.

When they re-send, retweet and share, you’re not just liked … you’re moving way past the title of Homecoming Queen, or King you always dreamed of. You’re gaining more widespread appeal and building more legitimate brand loyalty. (The math behind this concept is relatively simple but very exciting, as featured in a recent Constant Contact post. A typical Facebook consumer has around 250 friends. When they share your post or link, you could reach more than 31,000 potential new buyers or Advocates!)

What’s the secret to getting past “liked” and into the action realm of being shared?

-Give readers useful, valuable information. The same rules of quality copywriting still apply, even with social media. Simple lists of tips toward a subject readers are interested is one example to try.

– If you have a level of corporate responsibility, from recycling around the office or getting involved with local non-profits, brag about it. People resonate with these types of efforts and want to share.

– Have fun with your posts, and include key questions while you’re integrating smart humor.

– Offer a unique deal or discount to those who share.

– Ask them to share, retweet or send to their friends. Some organizations overlook the obvious:  people like to do things they’re asked to do, especially when it’s simple and fun.

Keep in mind that quality content marketing creates action, so make it your goal to get past being liked.  Check out our additional content marketing tips today that will help you concentrate on being shared, re-sent and forwarded onward. (Because just being “liked” is so 2011).

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