Monday Morning Coffee with Family Guidance

Welcome back to our Monday Morning Coffee segment. You’ll have to forgive me for the later  post. I spent the last week working with my son’s youth group on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Globe, Arizona. It was exhausting work, but exciting to see the work ethic and excitement of our youth and what they can do when given a challenge.

At SJC, our challenge this week was to focus in on a company or organization making a mark in their industry. We opted to focus in on an organization that has taken the social media bull by the horns and run with it – enjoying the subsequent benefits. This week, we look at Family Guidance Center and the momentum they are creating online.

In the non-profit sector, there is often a misconception that the same tools that benefit the enterprise are out of reach due to financial or knowledge-based restraints. It is often assumed, for instance, that social media activity or a powerful website is only available to those organizations with deep pockets. The reality, however, is that any organization can make great use of the tools available. With the right strategy in place, they can even demonstrate a powerful ROI.

Family Guidance Center is learning just how powerful a strong online and social media presence can be for both clients and potential partners. The organization started with a new website and built out a strong blogging platform with the same look and feel. Topics of focus on the blog center on real issues that families and individuals are facing on a daily basis: addiction, drug abuse, mental illness, ADHD, childhood mental illness and so much more.

These topics are then shared through social media platforms through a strategy where followers are gained on a daily basis. The organization is not only pushing out information, they are also getting into the conversation and demonstrating their leadership role in the industry as an authority on behavioral health.

Perhaps the most daunting task Family Guidance Center has in front of them is changing the stigma associated with mental illness. Too often, society views this as something of an embarrassment, something to hide or ignore, and something that only affects those in poverty or the less educated. In reality, no one is immune the mental illness and the damage it can do if untreated.

Through strategic blogging and social media posts, Family Guidance Center is focused on changing that stigma and reaching those who need help and don’t know where to turn. We tip our hats to their efforts and look forward to tracking their success.

If you are looking to drive the same success in your organization, we can help. Contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions to learn how to build a strategy that works in your field and for your business and we can execute accordingly. Give us a call to learn more.

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2 Responses to Monday Morning Coffee with Family Guidance

  1. Melissa Chesnut says:

    Great post on Family Guidance’s way of using blogging as a way to spread an important message. I lived in Globe, AZ, for a few years while my dad worked for the San Carlos Apache tribe!! Small world!

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