Social Media – The Engaging Experience

The buzz around a number of industries is the importance of social media as a tool to communicate with customers. But, how many of you are using it as an engaging experience? Are you truly seeking the opinions and feedback you want from your customers, or are you simply blasting them with information?

These questions are important to answer if you truly want to drive value with your social media strategy. Too many companies are using these platforms to simply push out information; they aren’t engaging with customers. Why does this matter? A platform finally exists where a customer can interact directly with a brand and the world can be privy to the conversation. Of course, the value in this scenario is fully dependent upon the method in which the company interacts with the customer.

For instance, if a customer posts to a company’s Twitter account seeking information to resolve a problem, it’s important that the company respond accordingly and quickly. Those watching the interaction – and the bigger the brand, the more consumers to consider – are looking for the company to respond quickly with a valid resolution to the problem. If not, the risk of customer churn increases the possibility of damaging the brand is heightened.

Likewise, companies have an opportunity to gain consumer insight on a product, either launched or proposed. How do customers like the way the product feels, performs, holds up under pressure, etc. The information captured in these interactions is valuable business intelligence, enabling the company to improve the product before the release or before the next upgrade.

Get into the conversation. Find out who is talking about your brand in their own streams and get involved in the conversation. You not only have the opportunity to make an impact, you can also gain significant value from the knowledge you gather in these conversations. Just be sure you’re not “selling” all the time. Make it an engaging experience and you’ll see the most benefit.

Finally, one of the most powerful things a company can do with social media is to actively engage consumers in the conversation. Make it an engaging experience for all those who follow your brand and do so while respecting the interactions. For instance, don’t post something for your customers every five minutes – no one has that much time. But, when you ask for feedback and engagement in conversations, use that information to propel the brand forward and drive more revenue.

If you are ready to get in the conversation, but don’t quite have the time or know where to get started, then let Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions help.  Our team specializes in creating a social media experience that can make your company shine.

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