Why You Need an Expert Writing Your Blog

You have your website up and running and you’ve added a blog tab for your customers and interested parties to read the valuable content you provide. You even consider yourself a good writer, but is that enough to make sure your blogs are not only read, but also found? It may be time to consider getting some help writing your blog.

If you’re in business, doing something you are passionate about, you should be focused on that passion. When writing doesn’t come naturally to you and you haven’t honed your skills in search engine optimization, or you simply don’t have time, that’s an indication that you need a little help.

Blog writing at one time was an opportunity for those with a lot of opinions to share their insight with the world. Topics ranged from why you should home school your children to how to start your own business, and everything in between. These blogs served as more of a sounding board for those with strong opinions rather than valuable content for information sharing.

Today, the blog serves a different purpose. From saving money (Money Saving Mom) to demonstrating the power of social media (Social Media Examiner), blog sites are popping up that offer valuable content and interesting conversation, while also generating significant revenue for those running the blog.

Time and again, the blog serves as one of the most powerful tools for driving organic traffic to your site. It also serves as a unique platform for demonstrating the expertise you bring to the industry. Different from an article, the blog offers an opportunity to get more personal with your readers and entice them to act on the information you provided.

Why should you hire an expert to help with writing your blog if you’re seeking to secure your place in the industry as an expert? While you can certainly create your own content to push out to your readers, but if it isn’t optimized, your prospective customers won’t find you. And, if you can’t keep up with posts on a daily or weekly basis (daily is recommended), you’ll have a hard time gaining readership.

An expert in the business of creating and marketing a blog is money well-spent if you’re looking for a way to reach out to and engage with your audience. It’s also the perfect opportunity to integrate with your social media tools for an even broader reach.

At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we write blogs for our clients on a daily basis. We learn their business, understand the message they are trying to convey and pull from industry news to deliver value to their readers. At the same time, we optimize that content to ensure it gets found and read. If you need this kind of assistance, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today and we’ll show you how to get started.

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