More Than 200 Families Still Need Help With Christmas

AFL-CIO-Community-Services-St.-Joseph-MO1Christmas is around the corner and there are still more than 200 families in St. Joseph that need our help. This year there were 917 families seeking assistance, that is the largest number since  1996. The holidays can be a stressful time of year for so many people who are trying to provide for one or more children, or are simply alone during this time.

AFL-CIO Community Services is a great place to reach out and spread some cheer through their Adopt-A-Family program. Who knows how many lives you could brighten? Each family is different and so are their needs. Some are senior citizens living alone and others are made up of young parents with hungry mouths to feed.

The process of adopting a family is relatively easy and those in the giving spirit can adopt more than one family or individual. You can go through the lists and find that perfect family that truly touches your heart and is asking for the gifts you can offer them. The information sheets will include information on each member of the family, their age, sizes and gift ideas. Many of the items aren’t what you would expect and are often times the basic necessities you and I take for granted. But have a little fun, you can buy a fun gift for each child if you’d like.

While the majority of gifters prefer to meet the family and give them their presents, some choose to remain anonymous. Those donors can leave their gifts no later than Dec. 19 at the AFL-CIO offices at 1203 N. Sixth St. The staff will contact the family and deliver their gifts to them.

If adopting an entire family isn’t feasible but you still feel in heart the need to give, all donations are welcome. And what would Christmas be without a traditional meal. The AFL-CIO also accepts donations for the holiday meal. Monetary donations, new toys or household items can always be dropped off at the agency anytime between now and Dec. 21.

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