Monday Morning Coffee with Drum Monkey Percussion

What happens to those who just want to bang on the drum all day, so to speak? They become the visionaries of Drum Monkey Percussion, bringing nearly 40 years of experience to northwest Missouri and showing kids (and adults) that percussion is fun, creative and incredibly worthwhile.

drummonkey Capture2

Drum Monkey Percussion has recently returned to St. Joseph, Mo., with a mission that’s straightforward: To promote and educate. The whimsical (and somewhat nostalgic) name resonates well with students. The bold storefront displays and signage match perfectly with the funky logo and snappy website. These are all pieces of building a brand for Drum Monkey, but they are also helping draw attention to the art of percussion and its benefits.

The website highlights the mission across several key areas, including a section with extensive bios on the staff  – Steve Haskey and Kyle Milligan. The photos are trendy, and they match – a little thing that creates a cohesive, clean look but is overlooked by many website development plans. In fact, all the elements of the website layout are consistent and easy to navigate, using the same color scheme, giving the viewer the quick feeling that these guys aren’t messing around. Reading about their experience, you learn that Steve has been at this nearly 40 years and has shared his gift across the community. He loves this, and it’s evident. It’s the same for Kyle, who share his passion for composing and his dedication for teaching the art of music in his bio. The other team members – Jonathan and Brian  — also provide interesting and useful information in their write-up, so you feel like you know this team (or would want to).

Another important element to note:  the new brand look of Drum Monkey Percussion is further enhanced by including not just the standard “About Us” tab. The team has added the sections “The Story” and “The Idea” – helping readers to see that these fellows care about the big picture of educating and sharing a love for percussion, both historically and in modern formats. A Featured Product of the Month is a nice way to share their expertise with a drum-loving audience, as well as an impressive list of brands scrolling across that they either offer or service.

Connecting with the local audience is another marketing truth Drum Monkey hasn’t overlooked. They’re  hosting Stampede Drumlines with area MINK wooden-bat baseball team The St. Joseph Mustangs, which allows them to gain brand leverage from the popularity of the Mustangs team.

Today Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions recognizes the ways Drum Monkey Percussion is sticking to its mission across its branding efforts, creating a story instead of just a website. That’s something to make some noise about.

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