Email Campaign Marketing – 3 Tips to Bring You Up-to-Date

14765881_sBrands are increasingly realizing that to deliver effective email campaign marketing, they have to reach out to would-be buyers through a diverse platform that covers all the communication bases. There are many relevant channels that cross paths, and learning how to thread these various channels into a cohesive marketing strategy is key to maximizing return on investment.

An article covered at Direct Marketing News provides some guidelines for creating email campaign marketing that is up-to-speed and current for 2013:

1. Utilize Text Opt-Ins for Building Your Email List. Growth of your email campaign marketing efforts can piggyback off your mobile strategy. Consumers don’t really differentiate email, text, and social media – they mainly expect consistency regardless of what method they use to communicate. The type of content will dictate which channel most appropriately serves their needs, but one way of building an email acquisition program is really as simple as asking SMS users to opt-in and provide their email address.

2. Optimize Mobile Templates for Easy Use. Per Neilsen data, about 50 percent of our nation has a smartphone, and that number is growing. It is estimated that email is accessible in a range of nearly 100 screen sizes. To ensure a consistent user experience, marketers must take advantage of responsive design templates that make it easy for consumers to access information on-the-go. Mobile optimization of email and landing pages brings important information to the forefront and can ensure a better email campaign marketing outcome.

3. Concentrate on the Big Picture. It’s more important to focus on the ultimate customer experience than it is to construct a campaign that focuses on a particular individual message. Creating a unified communication experience will give consumers a better grasp of what your brand stands for and what they can expect from you. Communications should focus on cultivating loyal relationships through such means as incentives and special offers.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you expand your email campaign marketing, give us a call. As marketing continues to go digital, choosing the right technology and partner to help you implement it is half the battle.

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