How Effective is Your Content Marketing Plan?

13498651_sIt’s no secret that traditional marketing budgets are making a shift and are more often favoring digital content over print. It’s a digital fast-paced world out there, and a fly-by-night content marketing plan is not going to cut it. With so many changes constantly taking place in the online scene, where do you start? It’s essential to have a plan as to how your brand is going to keep the momentum alive.

This Brafton blog on the subject indicates that marketers are updating their online content at least three times a week. Having a solid content marketing plan will help ensure that fresh content is regularly funneled to fans so they don’t get bored and disengage. A study originating from the Custom Content Council shows that now, more than ever, companies are focusing on custom content creation, which represents nearly 40 percent of the overall content marketing plan.

However, there’s more to the story than just standard articles and blogs. The research indicates that, in the near future, a little less than half of those surveyed plan to increase funding for Internet updates, social media and SEO tactics. Per Lori Rosen who serves as the Custom Content Council’s Executive Director, custom content updates are coming in the form of participatory social media efforts and video marketing.

Developing a content marketing plan geared to specific social settings is a great way to encourage customer interaction and direct traffic to the brand’s main site. For instance, eMarketer relays that buyer reviews at social sites have become extremely influential for those who are in the market to purchase a new vehicle.

Additionally, video content marketing is gaining momentum. Over 60 percent of those surveyed advised that video is an integral part of their content marketing plan. There’s a reason for that – in March of this year alone, consumers watched nearly 40 billion videos. The bottom line is that content consumption is evolving – are you?

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