Three Tips To Creative Blog Writing When You’re Out of Ideas

20412903_sSo you’ve been writing your blogs regularly and they are gaining in popularity. Unfortunately, all bloggers come to a crossroads when their ideas for new posts seem to run dry.  Don’t worry. Everyone runs out of things to blog about from time to time. Here are three easy tips to creative blog writing that will get you back in the game.

You know those boring looking magazines at the doctor’s office or on the coffee table at the in-laws? Next time you see one, pick it up. If it looks like something you would never, not even in a million years, read, then grab that one. The thing to note is that magazines about fly fishing, quilting, and muscle cars are very specific. The content is usually generated by real enthusiasts and can help you understand a variety of different interests. Unlike Wikipedia, these magazines will offer some insight into industry jargon that you may not otherwise pick up on.  You can also check out the library. Not only do they carry numerous magazines but often times have old copies ready for the recycling bin.

Remember that you don’t live in a bubble. Check out the latest headlines.  Look for some of the big news items of the day. Take the good, the bad, and the ugly and turn it into a creative blog writing element from your point of view. Find that common thread between what you blog about and that current event.

Sometimes we take refuge in our home offices and don’t get out much. Unfortunately, your blogs aren’t going to write themselves so get out there and get some experiences under your belt, then write about them.  Take the time to go to the park, check out the mall, or go on a camping trip. The world around you is an exciting place and full of creative blog writing ideas. Get out there and take advantage of the wealth of possibilities and don’t forget to share them with your readers. Contact us if you’re looking for an experienced writing team to help connect you and your readers.

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